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I have a very lovely friend, Candace who is only 15 years young. She has been fighting against Leukemia for almost 2 years now. And right now she is in intensive care. She’s been there for over 3 weeks now. And I ask that you all send her your prayers. And if you don’t pray, send her positive energy, cross your fingers, think a positive thought, or do a dance. Please she needs our love, support, and prayers. She’s been so strong throughout all of this and now she needs our help. 

Candace has an amazing support system in her family and friends and they’re all asking that we pray for her. So let’s do that for her and for them. They can all use the extra support during this time. So please tell your friends and family to keep her in their thoughts and prayers.

Thank you.

[i included some screenshots of some of the posts that her sisters and dad have made on facebook.]
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